Becoming the Snake Whisperer Workshop

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Learn sensuality exercises and practices that will enhance your connection and skillset with your partner.

About this event
What it would be like to carry your inner goddess, your inner essence into the bedroom? What would it be like to embody your allure and your radiance with a delicious partner, and then to enhance your magnetism with a skillset that lights up both of you and sends him into surrender?

This class is for women only and no partner is required.

Lauren Harkness, Advanced Certified Tantra Yoga Educator, brings these skills to you in a fun presentation as you explore the tantric mysteries that enhance a woman’s power with men.

Some tasty morsels on the menu include:

  • Lingham and Prostate Massage Techniques
  • How to handle your man when he is vulnerable and encourage his masculine power
  • Sexual Healing and the Science of Sex
  • Male Anatomy
  • Dynamics of the masculine and feminine
  • Sensuality exercises and practices