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My Sensual Awakening Practice Philosophy

Sexual energy is creative energy. We can consciously create expansion in all areas of our lives through an intention to embody our sensuality. In the culture we grow up in, our sensuality is maligned. I am here to be a stand for healthy, conscious, vital, radiant bliss and expansive sexuality for all humans. I opened my sensual life coaching practice fueled by my desire to support people’s sensual awakening and to learn how much capacity we, as human animals, have in our bodies to experience pleasure and bliss.​

Just as when you boil water, impurities rise to the surface, so can long buried relational patterns and psychological symptoms arise when you add heat and fire to your second chakra through sensual practices. It’s a medium for both great joy and great healing. Sexual abuse trauma, repeating relationship patterns and conflicts within the self about your sexuality can all be healed and transformed through tantric sessions and coaching.

Our bodies are a wonderland to discover.​

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